Democrat. I just am, a Democrat. I don’t hesitate when I say it. I don’t hold my head down or lower my eyes when I say it. I’m a proud Democrat and I am so very proud of the Shelby County Democratic Party and our primary nominees for taking a stand and demanding an investigation and a review of the August 5th election. 

Shep Wilbun has been saying for years that the Diebold machines can be manipulated. I don’t know if they were or not, but what I do know is that my friend Belinda Anderson called me at 8 in the morning to let me know that when she went to vote, the poll worker told her that she had voted during early voting and SHE HAD NOT. The worker didn’t realize that Belinda was married to a former state election commissioner. The poll worker then went as far as to tell Belinda that her husband had not voted and  that she should VOTE IN HIS PLACE! How does PRISON SOUND?  My girl demanded that she be allowed to vote and they gave her a provisional ballot. She knew what to ask for and others didn’t and were turned away.

A number of people had that same experience and the Chairman of the Election Commission reported mid-day that the problem had been solved. Then why did the Trustee and the Attorney General have the same problem later in the day?

People make mistakes. But when the stakes are this high, don’t be so nonchalant about it Mr. Election Commission Chairman. Disenfranchisement is very real and because of mistakes like this, people continue to lose faith in government.

After reading the Leftwingcracker’s blog with Trustee Newman’s account of the last few days I’m appalled at the behavior of the County Attorney and the Election Commissions actions. Proprietary information! What the heck are they talking about. How much money did we pay, I mean did THE PEOPLE pay for these machines?  That’s right the People, the Voters. Stop playing games and give the Democrats the information they requested now, so we can really know, one way or the other, what happened with this election.