Shelby County Commission Chair Is Guest on Show and Gives Full Endorsement By LaTrivia Nelson

Today while as a guest on Dialogue with Deidre, an online show on hosted by Deidre Malone dedicated to Memphis and Shelby County issues, Shelby County Commission Chair James Harvey (District 3, Position1) gave Malone his full endorsement for Shelby County Mayor.

“As for James Harvey, Chairman of the Shelby County Commission, I fully support Deidre Malone for Shelby County Mayor. She is the best candidate for the job as a business woman, a mother, a community activist and someone who understands the needs of this community, especially regarding education and healthcare,” said Chairman Harvey. “We are going to get out and support her on the campaign trail. We are going to knock on doors and raise the funds to win this election. As a proud democrat, I am dedicated to helping Shelby County to lower its unemployment rate, help strengthen our education system and improve the quality of life for our citizens. There is no better candidate for this job than Malone. This is not a campaign about race or gender, it is a campaign about a better quality of life. Democrats, please join me as I fully support Mayor-Elect Deidre Malone for Shelby County Mayor.”

Harvey recently pulled out of the race for Shelby County Mayor. He is currently the chairman of the Shelby County Commission, but is serving in his last term. Harvey’s background is in business. Harvey is an entrepreneur and a Vice President at a local bank.

“I am so honored to accept Chairman Harvey’s endorsement,” said Malone. “James Harvey has been a friend of mine for many years, but I know that today’s endorsement has nothing to do with friendship. I am happy to know that my work in this community speaks for itself. And I’m glad that democrats like Harvey in Shelby County are rallying behind me. We are going to win this election.”